Friday, April 29, 2005


jeez, I'm tired. I actually dozed off in the middle of a sentence on the computer just now and wrote 'participants completed both tasks after her Italy, which was rather cold.'


Italy's not that cold anyway. I really must be losing my mind.

Oh well, sleep for me. I think I'll wake up early to finish this stupid psych report. At least it's kinda like a fill in the blanks kinda thing, shouldn't take me all that long to finish it. However, I might put it away in a safe spot for now before it gets covered with more of my exhausted sleep-typing.


Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Shitbuggermotherfuck. I have a lot of shit due tomorrow, which I haven't finished (or rather, barely started) yet. I don't think I'll sleep tonight, I'm planning on an all-nighter. Luckily I have a new fluffy dressing gown to keep me snuggly warm while my brain bleeds all over the keyboard. I have 3000 words to type tonight, plus a rather large Italian test to study for. And I have another 2000 words due on monday for history. This should be fun. I haven't even started the history yet, I'm counting on doing it tomorrow night or something.

Anyway what the fuck am I doing here!? I need to get to the library.


Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Bugger It.

I came online with the intention of writing an update on my blog. Truly I did.

The thing is, after an hour of procrastinating, I now can't be fucked.

But I meant to. Know that.


Sunday, April 24, 2005

Bloody work

Argh. Why is it that I'm working all four days of my long weekend? *especially* when I asked to only have *2* shifts a week? Three shifts I could understand, it is after all anzac day tomorrow, but c'mon. FOUR days? I just happen to have three major assignments and a major test next week.

Bloody work.


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Procrastination is (not) a dirty word

Shit, why is it that whenever I try and actually do something productive on the internet I get most horrendously sidetracked by the most pointless bullshit?

Anyway one cause worthy of distracting me from yet more history reading is I personally go all earnest right now and urge you to go and visit it.


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

IT labness

The lab is cold. Like really freakin' cold. I think it's meant to keep us awake, but my nose is beginning to feel brittle. One thing you'll notice - when I complain about it being cold, my nose will invariably have first dibs on the whingeing. And rightly so. Chocolate wouldn't smell nearly so good without it (although on the other hand, monkey shit wouldn't smell nearly so bad).

I think monekys with typewriters is a reference to the lab at this time. There's very little conversation but the clicking of keyboards has not ceased since I first came in about 4 hours ago. My bum's beginning to go numb and I haven't done any of the reading I was planning on doing.

Anyway, I've been having a pretty ordinary day. The girl who's been staying at me house (an old net friend of mine, long story), didn't want to come out today. However my mum said 'do NOT leave N at home by herself', and, like I told N, given the choice between pissing her off or my mum, I'd much rather piss her off. Well she was clearly not happy with me and went around showing it in a rather immature manner, so I washed my hands of her for the day. At first I was worried that she'd be so huffy that she wouldn't meet me at Flinders St to go home, then I realised that she's 18 and can take care of herself. Besides, I've got her luggage. I was just surprised and a little disappointed that she was so immature and childish about the whole situation, given that I apologised and reasoned with her for half a fucking hour. Oh well, I did what I could.

Actually with hindsight I think I was expecting some sort of conflict between us all along. We don't really have that much in common and met up through a message board a few years ago. We kept touch on MSN but never met each other in the flesh until last week. I think that we don't have lot to talk about in person. On MSN it's so much easier to keep a one-track conversation. I think this is one of those friendships that should've been left online. Will this change the situation? I have no idea. She was pretty pissed this morning. If she is a girl of quick moods and recovers quickly she should be alright. I'm perfectly ready to greet her with a smile this afternoon. If not, then she's not. It may sound harsh, but it's no skin off my nose. I have more than enough friends I've been neglecting in real life.

Unfortunately my day's not finished yet. After wasting half an hour more here I've got a history tute, then a meeting at work. Then I have to spend the evening home alone with a very huffy N. sigh.

First post

Welcome to monkeys with typewriters. As we enter, you will see a row of pegs holding white hazmat suits. Please put one on over your clothing; we're still trying to teach the monkeys that throwing their own shit at people is not winning them any brownie points.

Everyone suited up? Good enough.

Hi. I don't know why I'm starting a new blog, because I already have one at livejournal. However, the template doesn't look at nice as this one. I like to be professional looking, even if I don't necessarily act that way.

Anyway, for starters, my name is...actually I have a tradition of not putting my name up on the net. It's appeared a few times when other people have mentioned me, and it may appear somewhere here...I don't know how the whole system works yet. But if it's up, it's up, and you know my name, and if it's not, it's not, so there. that's one of the things I like about the net. You could be anything to anybody, although I don't necessarily ascribe to that. I could be a stunning 6 foot blonde blue-eyed lingerie model living in London with her 4 equally stunning model friends in a flat that's a permanent nightclub, but I'm not (otherwise I wouldn't know how to to use a computer and I wouldn't know that monkeys throw their own shit). I'm an 18-year-old uni student living in Melbourne with my family. I like my family. I think you would too if I let you get to know them.

Monkeys with typewriters should be here for a while, mainly because I like the title, and I'm starting to get sick of my old net username (which I might put up at some point). Without the username I'm just me, so hopefully I'll be slightly more open than in my old blog. Which, I'm starting to think, may be a reason no one ever bothered to read it. Everything's so goddamn cryptic that unless you were actually there, you wouldn't have a clue what was going on. I'll try to be nicer here.