Tuesday, April 19, 2005

IT labness

The lab is cold. Like really freakin' cold. I think it's meant to keep us awake, but my nose is beginning to feel brittle. One thing you'll notice - when I complain about it being cold, my nose will invariably have first dibs on the whingeing. And rightly so. Chocolate wouldn't smell nearly so good without it (although on the other hand, monkey shit wouldn't smell nearly so bad).

I think monekys with typewriters is a reference to the lab at this time. There's very little conversation but the clicking of keyboards has not ceased since I first came in about 4 hours ago. My bum's beginning to go numb and I haven't done any of the reading I was planning on doing.

Anyway, I've been having a pretty ordinary day. The girl who's been staying at me house (an old net friend of mine, long story), didn't want to come out today. However my mum said 'do NOT leave N at home by herself', and, like I told N, given the choice between pissing her off or my mum, I'd much rather piss her off. Well she was clearly not happy with me and went around showing it in a rather immature manner, so I washed my hands of her for the day. At first I was worried that she'd be so huffy that she wouldn't meet me at Flinders St to go home, then I realised that she's 18 and can take care of herself. Besides, I've got her luggage. I was just surprised and a little disappointed that she was so immature and childish about the whole situation, given that I apologised and reasoned with her for half a fucking hour. Oh well, I did what I could.

Actually with hindsight I think I was expecting some sort of conflict between us all along. We don't really have that much in common and met up through a message board a few years ago. We kept touch on MSN but never met each other in the flesh until last week. I think that we don't have lot to talk about in person. On MSN it's so much easier to keep a one-track conversation. I think this is one of those friendships that should've been left online. Will this change the situation? I have no idea. She was pretty pissed this morning. If she is a girl of quick moods and recovers quickly she should be alright. I'm perfectly ready to greet her with a smile this afternoon. If not, then she's not. It may sound harsh, but it's no skin off my nose. I have more than enough friends I've been neglecting in real life.

Unfortunately my day's not finished yet. After wasting half an hour more here I've got a history tute, then a meeting at work. Then I have to spend the evening home alone with a very huffy N. sigh.

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