Sunday, August 28, 2005

I'm still alive...

Sorry for not updating for so long. No, I did not commit suicide after coming back because of my post-holiday depression, so apologies for getting your hopes up. I've just been kind of busy with getting back into the swing of real life and trying to catch up a week and a bit of uni. Last week things have been a lot more settled, but now our internet's stuffed, so I'm doing this on my dad's laptop on dial-up. Dial-up I tell you! We have cable upstairs and a 17" screen, and I'm sitting down here at a 15" laptop surfing at the phenomenal speed of 49.2 Kbps. Sheesh.

That's also why I haven't put up any more photos, although god knows I've got them here. Even I got bored trying to trawl through all 2000 or so of them! So as soon as we get back online on the proper computer I'll give it a shot.

G has just bought a sexy new mac laptop and has the software to edit our video now, so in the next few months (hey, we have uni here, give us a break) we might be able to put up some mpegs somewhere. in the meantime next weekend is her 21st, which means we really should have gone a couple of months (or years) later. Oh well, there's always next time isn't there?

In the meantime, the new Franz Ferdinand video is already out, and to our absolute joy, G and I can see ourselves in it! I don't know where G is, but in the massed dancing at the end I'm in the upper left corner, in a black bob with a blunt fringe and a black sleeveless top.

So anyway, nothing else in my life has happened since I got back that is worth mentioning, except on the 30th my boyfriend and I will have been going out for two years. And I am now constantly appalled at the price of things around here. I can't afford any makeup from now on. And apparently our trip to Tasmania in january has been cancelled because my sister made the swimming Age championships. bummer.


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