Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Doctor

I said I would blog about this last night, and it has admittedly been a while since I wrote a blog, so here's me being geeky as usual and blogging about some geeky thing that happened to me.

Last night we were at the pub, well Stef, Steve, Brendan and I were, doing our usual tuesday night trivia thing, and sitting at the next table was THE DOCTOR. As in, Doctor Who (although those who watch it will know that his name isn't actually Doctor Who, it's just The Doctor). Some guy who looked and acted amazingly like David Tennant (aka the tenth Doctor) had taken it upon himself to dress like him too. Navy blue single breasted pinstripe suit and red hi tops...I'm *pretty* sure it wasn't a coincidence, although if it was, damn that was a funny coincidence. I didn't have the guts to go up and say something but if I did I would have run up to say 'what, back from Raxicoricophalapotorius already?'.

Oh and has anyone else heard the rumour about a Doctor Who movie!?!!?!! Apparently Rose might come back for it...which I would so love, The Doctor/Rose was the best pairing EVAR. I still haven't seen much of this series with Martha, I've missed most of the middle of it, although I did see Blink and the last three episodes with the Master (although maybe I should've waited, because I didn't get most of the storyline about Professor Yana etc.). And I'm really interested to see this new series with Catherine Tate as the companion...what was her character's name again, Donna? Should be very interesting/funny. Would be wonderful if the ABC would screen it at the same time as the BBC starting with the Christmas Special but I somehow doubt it...


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