Wednesday, March 01, 2006

So, first days back and that

I've had my first week of uni. Funnily enough, it doesn't feel like I ever went on holiday in the first place. It's been pretty good as far as first weeks go, nice weather although today was a little warm. I joined the Groove dance club, doing hip hop and locking and stuff. It's so much fun! I took a lesson yesterday after being told about it, then went along to the hip hop intermediate today. To my utter surprise I actually kept up for the most part. The only thing I'm having trouble with is turning (surprise surprise!) and getting that whole hip hop 'attitude'. I'm too used to dancing tap and ballet and being all disciplined and graceful.

I haven't really had that many hours thisweek, no tutes except for Italian. I managed a very succinct and halted recount of my holidays in Italian yesterday (Which basically consisted of 'I worked a lot in the kitchen of an Italian restaurant and I went to a rock concert' - niente di speziale in other words...). There's scholarships up for grabs this year and I badly want one so I'd better work hard on my vocab!

A couple of days ago I was on the train as usual, coming into Flinders St. Usually I'm looking in the direction of the MCG and the Herald Sun building, but for some reason this morning I looked in the opposite direction, and what do I see but the Sydney Myer Music Bowl. I was a little ashamed that I'd never seen it before - admittedly I usually take the train from Richmond to Melbourne Central these days but last year I went to Flinders St quite a bit. I need to be more observant. Getting home last night was fun too, it took us over an hour. The tram and trains were completely packed-H and I were hanging onto each other and 'triangulating' a frame with our limbs because we were stuck int he middle of the carriage and we're too short to reach the ceiling. It was actually quite amusing.

So I'm just here in the uni computer lab, wasting time because I have no idea how to get to the South Melbourne Lifesaving Club to meet my mum and sister. They don't finish until 7.30. Bummer. And I really want to get home to hang up my new Franz Ferdinand poster. I never realised how good uni poster sales are until today :)


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