Saturday, February 25, 2006

Why don't you walk away?

(yes, I'm still going with the song-lyric-as-title idea).

I just went to mass with my family as I'm not working tonight, I'm working tomorrow instead. Every mass they read out the names of the sick and recently deceased in our parish. Despite the fact that I've never met and will never meet most of these people (with the exception of one man who used to mow our lawn), when you hear their names week after week you start to develop some kind of tenuous connection with them. Then every week when the names are read out, you begin to feel very tense. Are the names you know still on the sick list? Or have they 'departed into eternal life before us'? You get more and more nervous until you hear that name. Then you breathe a sigh of relief. They're still sick, but they're still alive.

...It's quite morbid, I know. But I get this feeling every time I go to mass.


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Jennifer said...

Nice blog, I followed the link from Sigmund's site :)

You said in an old post that you found a version of Suffragette City done by the Scissor Sisters, which might just be the coolest cover ever. Where can I find it?