Monday, February 06, 2006

new music for me

Yesterday I 'obtained' from my friend the first Franz CD and the soundtrack to Spamalot. Yay :)

I really like the first CD. I'm already familiar with some of the songs, like Jacqueline (which for me invokes such strong memories of sitting outside the theatre in NYC waiting for spamalot tickets with three hours of slep under my belt after the day with Franz, falling asleep into my bagel and cream cheese). I hadn't heard Michael before and I love it - it's one of my favourites already! Such an awesome song to dance to and so sexy. Alex's vocals are amazing. I saw the video too which is very cool. The band all look extremely hot in it.

Anyway I know it's boring to talk about the weather but I'm really enjoying Melbourne's cool weather right now. Hopefully this means no more hot days until next summer. Today was quite windy though which reminds me to get my hair cut. My fringe is down to my nose :)


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