Friday, February 24, 2006

Try to catch a deluge in a paper cup

I've given up trying to think of interesting titles all the time. If I can't think of anythig within 10 seconds of the page loading, then I'm going with whatever lyric's stuck in my head at the time. This one's from the Sarah Blasko version of 'Don't Dream It's Over', originally by Crowded House. Can I just say - girl crush! She's gorgeous. And has a good voice. I got her stuff from G and I've listened to it quite a bit. Heaps of new music. Was listening to Fiery Furnaces today (damn, Eleanor Friedberger is a lucky girl). My favourite of theirs is still Tropical Iceland, which I didn't actually know was by them until this week. I still haven't listened to any David Bowie, but I'm thinking tomorrow after I get home from work and I'm chilling out in my (still rather untidy) room I might give it a shot. I'm eager to hear 'Slow Burn' after hearing it covered very well by G's friends in Burbank on the fourth of July last year.

Anyway, speaking about work, it was damn busy tonight. We didn't actually do that many covers, I think about 60 which is a fairly good night for us, but they all came at once and for about an hour or hour and a half it was like a busy saturday night. I surprised everyone, not least myself, by keeping up quite well with the dishes. I wasn't feeling my best, a little lethargic for the first couple of hours. It's amazing how a full restaurant can motivate you though. S kept me sane and happy too. Unfortunately she had to go home early because she's been working doubles all week and is exhausted, so she did a bit of cleanup after service ended, then it was all me until closing time. I think I did OK considering, I only finished a few minutes after front of house, and this was with me doing two people's worth of packing up, cleaning the stove, benchtops, dishwasher, rubbish, mopping and sweeping and all the other little things involved in closing. It's the least glamourous job I've had as I end up smelling revoltingly of oil and feeling pretty oily too, but funnily enough I quite enjoy it, despite being wrecked at the end of the night. I came out the front of the restaurant when I'd finally finished to wait for my mum and there were these two hot young things who'd just come from Mint, the nightclub across the road. There they were, all long hair and fake tan and stilettos and non-existent dresses, and there was I, all greasy pale skin and hair and bonds trackies and clarks school shoes. I would not swap with them for a second (...well, they did look like tacky slappers).

I've got work tomorrow again at 11am, so I'm waiting for my bro and his lovely girlfriend to come home so I can say hi and go pass out for 8 hours.


PS The other contender for the lyric tonight was 'gonna have nutella tonight', a misheard lyric from 'Tell Her Tonight' (It's meant to go 'gonna have to tell her tonight). But although it made me nearly wet myself with laughter when I read it, it's not really a lyric, so the serious soulful one wins this time.

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