Tuesday, February 21, 2006

So come and dance with me Michael

Here I am again at G's place. We haven't actually got a whole lot done because her iPod arrived this morning and we've kind of been distracted. I raided her iTunes music library and doubled my music stash - I now have something like 6.4GB of music on there! Lots of David Bowie now. And the Franz Glastonbury 2004 gig. Can't wait to hear it :) I'm discovering a lot of new stuff as well, like Big Soul. And I want to get my iPod engraved...G has 'Ich heisse superphantastisch' on hers, I might get the accompanying line 'Ich trinke schampus mit lachsfisch' on mine.

Tonight we're doing the pub quiz again. We'll see whether we can do better then second last this time round!


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