Sunday, February 19, 2006

Just because I can...

I'm writing a blog entry while sitting on my brother's bed. My laptop's just been wirelessy networked to the net (finally!) so here I am, my trusty Acer Travelmate 347T perched on my lap while I hunch over the edge of my brother's bed. I'd blog from my own bedroom, but it's just too messy. We had a few hiccups after installing the card, the laptop kept freezing. Probably because I'm running Windows Me. My computer's never frozen before this becuse I've never really tried to do anything cool with it before. So hopefully it won't freeze too much now!

Well, I'm excited to say the least. I can now blog from anywhere in the house. I might do a blog tour of my house, one entry from each room (well maybe not the toilet, that's just unhygenic). When I've tidied my room I can blog from there too! I might try and upgrade my computer to Windows 2000 as well. It's nice to finally have a functional laptop again after all this time - now it's not sitting in my room collecting dust.


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