Tuesday, February 07, 2006

New Haircut (again!)

So I got yet another new haircut. I reckon it looks pretty cool. I just went to Springvale yesterday and asked the girl to do something short. Apparently my type of hair didn't suit the photo I had in mind, so she sdked if she could do something 'creative' and I told her to go for it. I had two 'oh my god what am I/is she thinking!?' moments - the first was when she sectioned off my very long fringe and chopped pretty much all of it off, the second when she took the hair on the top of my head, twisted it around then choppedmost of that off too. It's definitely the most extreme haircut I've had but I love it - quite short and spiky but with a few long wispy bits. Like she said, not many people will have this haircut. Next week or maybe even tomorrow I'll go in and get some 'chunk foils' of highlights. I saw a photo in a magazine at my friend's placelast night where this girl had highlights of really, really pale pink (practically white) in her hair. I'm not usually a pink girl but they were so cool and unusual. That's what I want.

Oh yeah and the haircut cost me $15. I think the colour will be about $60-$70. Yay for Springvale :)

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