Thursday, February 16, 2006

I'm a baby sea tuna...


I'm at G's place for the second night in a row tonight. We caught up yesterday and went to a quiz night at The Pub at Crown, then decided the easiest thing would be for me to crash at her place so I wouldn't have to worry about taking the last train home. It's great to see her again as I haven't seen her for a while. We wandered around the city for a bit, up to DeGreaves lane to take some photos amongst the overflowing skips and the wild graffitti. We took some pretty cool photos until the sickly sweet odour of rotting garbage had us hightailing it to Southbank. We went to take more photos at that art installation that looks like a crumbling sandstone building but my camera died. When I get home I'll put up the photos. I'm wearing my new Dangerfield jacket - a black woollen winter one. I'd tried on one previously that was my exact mental image of my ideal winter jacket, but it was Costume National (since when did Myer become designer central?) and $1289. *dies* the DF one was a tenth of that. And still just as nice.

So yeah, we went to the pub quiz. We didn't come last and Georgina won us a few cocktails which was nice. Our team name was Baby Sea Tunas, after a misheard lyric from the Franz Ferdinand song Dark of the Matinee (it's meant to be 'I'm on BBC2 now...'). After the quiz we went round to Barcode for karaoke. Yes that's right. G and I made ourselves look like a lesbian couple (unintentionally I might add) by singing 'Can't Buy Me Love' as a duet. I guess it was Valentine's Day so people may have thought we were out together. Next week we're going to go back and sing 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart'. Just to really confuse them. We sang some Kaiser Chiefs in the car on the way home, and something really freaky happened when we pulled into the driveway - a fucking MASSIVE spider had built a cobweb right across the driveway! we drove through it and were freaking out because we thought the spider might be on the car. We got out really quickly and RAN through the garden to the road, trying not to scream. We're so sad.

Anyway last night G and I had a play on her iBook and discovered the joys of Garage Band, namely the ability to record drum tracks without a drummer. We decided to record a cover version of 'Michael' (by Franz, surprise surprise) so this morning I laid down the shittest drum track ever heard. It takes a little getting used to, typing out the drums. I'll do this one but I'm making George do the next. Or we're going to find a real drummer. Anyway as has happened the last few times I've stayed over, I've ended up staying another night. Mum dropped my bass to me this evening so we had a good old bash at the song and it's sounding ok now, although we've had to stop because of finger soreness. We need to build some callouses! G's also working on playing and singing at the same time. It's easy for me - I'm doing backing vocals for this one and all I have to sing is 'Hey you, hey you good looking' repeatedly throughout the chorus.

SO tomorrow it's home for me, but the bass amp stays here so that when I come over next week I can record some more. Hurrah!


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