Friday, January 26, 2007

Time On Earth

Firstly, happy Australia Day...not feeling so festive mysef as I had work all day (and the lazy buggers buggered off on the stroke of 3, leaving me to deal with the customers they'd just seated and set up for dinner). I got all paranoid and called Brendan to pick me up from work, as there was a bunch of drunks on bikes with Australian flags carousing and getting into a brawl with the police on Church St (Church St! The last bastion of conservative gentrified upper-middle class society! What is the world coming to, I ask you that).

Secondly, next time I should probably try and make sure that I have more than one thing to say the next time I start a blog with 'firstly...'. I'm at Brendan's now, he made roast beef and I had dinner with his family. At one point his phone rang and it was my mum, then Georgie - apparently they're having dinner and no one told me. I feel so loved.

Lastly, eeeeeee!!!! So excited about Crowded House reforming. I'm still finding it slightly hard to believe as Neil Finn was always so adamant that without Paul Hester, there would be no Crowded House. I'm afraid that tomorrow I'll wake up from a week-long dream. The new album is called Time On Earth, and they auditioned drummers in Melbourne this week. First date's Coachella in April, lucky buggers that get to see them then!


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