Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Shall We Dance?

Hurrah, I'm starting ballroom dancing lessons on Friday. I'm quite excited, I must admit I've missed the whole dancing thing after quitting tap last year. I watched my parents at a lesson today (now how's that for role reversal?!) and decided I needed lessons, not just because all the instructors there at the time were cute males with even cuter butts (don't worry, T, they're more than likely gay anyway). The basic steps don't look too hard. I was able to learn the bones of the rhumba and swing today just from watching my parents. My mum has trouble following though...she likes leading too much!



Anonymous said...

write more entries!!!!


Anonymous said...

p.s where do you do dance classes?! that sounds fun!

R said...

The studio I go to is Let's Go Dance in Brighton - it's on Male St, just off Church St

And yes it is heaps of fun! Although now I'm not starting lessons till August...*sigh*