Sunday, June 05, 2005

I think I'm pixelated

so, I just put up a photo. Now y'all know what I looked like about 18 months ago. Nothing much has changed, except in real life I'm not so blurry. I did have bright red streaks but on monday I dyed it jet black - I'm very lazy about the whole thing and carroty orange was starting to look a tad skanky.

And we're going to Lollapalooza! This trip just gets better and better. The Black Keys - wOOt!!! I was so cut that I missed them at Falls this year.

oooooooh I can smell roast good thing about mum being away is we get to eat stuff like this...although she is coming back tomorrow which I'm happy about...and apparently she's gone overboard with the shopping in Singapore/Johor! Sweet.


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