Thursday, June 09, 2005

I went to Rove!

Yes indeedy, I went to Rove. It's be exciting anyway - it was my third time so the excitement is still there - but this time we were seeing Ioan Gruffudd! In the flesh! Right there in front of us! Excuse me for being an obsessed fangirl for one second but...*squeals*

OK, so we didn't get to meet him or anything, but we got to sit in *the* green room (which is actually blue) as well as the less pretty room behind the studio. And Jimmy Barnes walked straight past me. that was cool :)

So this was the first time that we were sitting in the front secton right in front of Rove's desk. I was hoping for the section on the other side in front of the couches, but I take what I can get. I still had a good view of Ioan anyway :)

In the ad break before the Big Brother evictee with the scary piercing, they gave us lollies and I got a big fat Redskin. And, typical, the moment I put it in my mouth, the floor manager yells '30 seconds!' so I had to sit with it in my mouth and try and chew surreptitiously when they weren't filming the audience. and then one of my friends went to the loo in the break befor ethe Fantastic Four came onand got back as they were finishing the ad break - they almost didn't let her in but relented and let her sit on Pete and Corinne's armchairs for the first segment.

Anyway, on to the important topic of me perving on Ioan. Yes, he was very gorgeous, a tiny little bit shorter than I thought, but nowhere near as tiny as Rove, who is puny in real life (kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiii-desu!!!). He had kinda flat-ironed hair, which was weird, and Michael Chiklis teased him, saying it was his 'There's Something About Mary' hair (the font was sticking straight up). The interview was good but we couldn't hear all of it that well - they don't mike them for the studio, something to do with feedback I think. I loved the stretchy Mr Fantastic Doll - gotta getme one of them! And Julian McMahon's accent was strange - a very strong hybrid between American and Australian.

After the show we got cake :) it's was the floor manager's birthday and she offered us some of her birthday cake. As we were leaving, one of the Channel Ten people came up and offered to take our DVDs that we wanted signed and promised to try and ask Ioan at some point during the night. I haven't got my hopes up but it would be nice.

And then yesterday I totally cocked up my psych exam. Life's like that - spend an evening at a live television show, and that's that many hours less that you spend studying.

Oh and I am in love with Michael Buble. His new album is great, and as he says, he is a 'human aphrodisiac - a walking oyster'!


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