Monday, June 20, 2005

Strange Bannerisms

Aha! I spy a difference to the look of my blog. Well, maybe that's because I'm the one who put it there. I know what you're all thinking. 'Man, that is a sweet banner'. But it is for a serious cause. Click on it, please. Aussies go to and learn how you can get involved. Buy a white band and wear it proudly, especially on Friday the 1st of July which is one of numerous global white band days. G got her's mailed from the Uk and no sooner does she receive them than we actually get the campaign launched here. Go Figure. And get on board! I'm writing letters to two of my local MPs.

And it's 12 days to the USA!!! Omigod. I am so totally unprepared for this trip. Fweee!

And I got my *signed* Hornblower DVD back yesterday. *faints* Ioan Gruffudd actually touched it! LOL ok that is a bit weird. It's signed, that's what counts...right?

Anyway we went to the ballet tonight, it was a triple bill called 'White', all Ballets blanc. La Bayedere was excellent and so was Suite en Blanc, which incidentally is the first ballet I ever saw, but Relic, to me at least, was pretentious. And the costumes were flesh coloured! They're meant to be WHITE. My tastes are old fashioned though. Give me a classic feature length ballet with a heart-wrenching love story over a cutting-edge modern work any day. I've never been a big fan of flexed-foot ballet. And I've just realised that I've hardly listened to triple J at all or any rock music for about 2 weeks - it's either been Michael Bublé or ABC Classic or 3MBS. Weird.


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