Friday, May 19, 2006

Just a quick update... that you all (well, Brendan anyway) will stop bugging me. Not so detailed, because late hour+lack of sleep = the brain, she no work so well right now.

Actually I don't really know what to say. I went to JB Hi-Fi Bourke St today where Tripod did an instore promoting their new DVD. I wasn't going to get it but of course I did. Worth every penny, it's an absolute pisser. They could easily be a serious band if they wanted, musically they are very talented, amazing voices and great tunes. I'm glad they choose to make us laugh though. Fact for the day: Gatesy is not an original member. He came in a couple of years after Tripod first started, to replace another guy or something.

There will be a Whitlams gig review and photos soon, probably tomorrow. I'm writing it for a webzine so it'll have to be up. Meanwhile I should probably get some sleep before I fall asleep here.


PS I have a myspace at and you may check it out if you wish. Can't remember if I've plugged it before. I should work out how to put links and shit on too shouldn't I.

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