Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Whitlams gig review

Corner Hotel
13 May 2006

The Whitlams are out to promote their newest album, the two-disc Little Cloud, and the Corner is packed with eager punters. The support acts, The Live Room and Kate Miller Heidke, are warmly received. I can take or leave The Live Room's po-rock acoustic guitar and violin, but Kate is the surprise of the night. Admittedly I was not expecting very much, having only heard one of the quiter songs on Tripl J, but she blows everyone away with her amazing soprano voice, fantastic songs and adorable personality. My pitch-perfect brother later informs me that she reached a high D (the one two octaves above a middle C).

The Whitlams come out to raucous applause. Tim Freedman is undisputably the frontman, being the singer, keyboardist and only surviving member of the original Whitlams, but the current line up of Jak Housden on guitar, Warwick Hornby on bass and Terepai Richmond on drums have now been around longer than the original, and they have a strong rapport with the audience and each other. They play a long set of twenty or so songs, starting with what is probably their biggest hit 'No Aphrodisiac' and then playing a mix of old favourites and sogns off the new album, with Tim playing a few songs solo in the middle of the set on his piano. As is tradition, the entire audience sings 'Charlie no. 2', providing the backing vocals for Tim sitting by himself at the piano. The interaction between Tim and the audience is less rock star and fans and more like old friends.

The crowd is suitably tranquil, as The Whitlams style is laidback pop songs and ballads, allowing Tim's smooth voice to carry the melodies, but the more upbeat numbers get everyone moving. They come out for two encores, closing with the ever-popular oldie 'I Make Hamburgers', the hour and a half long set leaving punters happy and sated. Tim and co may have been around for a while now but they still put on a cracker show.

There are photos at my flickr ( but blogger's being a biatch and not letting me add them. So go see them there.


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