Sunday, May 07, 2006

New musicness

New bands I've discovered recentlyish and really like:

The Grates: from Brisbane. Energetic guitars and drums rockin along with Patience's sweet and sassy vocals riding high over the top. The girl has energy. Standout song: Trampoline. I defy you to sit still while listening to it.

The Long Blondes: Fun vintage sounding guitar pop with sweet vocals. They have a guitarist called Dorian. Standout song: Once and Never Again. The first song where I have felt like the singer read my diary and then wrote the song to sing especially to me.

Bricolage: More guitar music you can dance to, a la Franz Ferdinand. All catchy, clean sounding guitary riffs and groovy beats. Standout song: The Waltzers, with a distinctive and instantly memorable two note riff bopping along.

Sorry for the absurd reviews. It's 2:35 and I'm tired.



Brendan said...

you are lazy. No blog in days! I too now have a blog.

Georgina said...

Omg you're like so lazy. Hurry up and post more. Get off MySpace!!!

Anonymous said...

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