Monday, June 05, 2006

I (think I) can die happy.


I'm so glad I decided to go online tonight, despite the late hour.I went on the Franz Fan Forum as usual and in the Australian thread they were talking about some webchat with Franz. At first I thought I'd missed it but and was kinda pissed that I'd decided to watch the last ever Blue Heelers even though I haven't watched it for years and didn't recognise anyone. But then I read further and realised it was starting in half an hour! So being the dutiful friend I am I jumped on MSN and luckily George was on so I alerted her (and she's posting a blog about this too).

So anyway we both logged into this chat thing, and we waited for Franz to come on. It turns out only Nick came on because apparently the rest of the band was watching Kaiser Chiefs. The chat was moderated so only certain people could post things and at first both George and I weren't 'voiced' as it were, so we kinda sat there growing incredibly impatient with waiting.

George was voiced first and she asked some questions about them meeting Bowie and other Bowie-related queries (surprise, surprise!). She's blogging about this too so I'll let her tell you her side of the story.

So anyway I finally got voiced without even realising it and posted my question more than once by mistake (which made me feel like a complete fool). My exact question was:'Hey guys! Hi Nick, I was just wondering if you remember me. You kissed me ont he cheek during your Melbourne gig this year. It was the most rock and roll moment of my life. Thank you. (I'm the other aussie girl who was at the DYWT shoot in NYc last year - it was incredible!)'. Someone pointed out that I'd posted my question a few times. Whoops.


Nick replied to my question! I honestly thought he wouldn't. This is what he said:

*dies* Omigod. Omigodomigodomigod. Excuse me while I go completely fangirly. I'm sure you understand.

The rest of the chat was fun too. George and I nearly wet ourselves with excitement when he replied to her saying that he loves Oscar Wilde. Apparently his grave is covered in kisses. (what is it with Nick and kisses? Not that I'm complaining of course!)

So there it is. A very pleasant sunday night surprise for me. I honestly was not expecting to be chatting to my number one highly unrealistic crush and receiving a virtual kiss from him when I logged on tonight.

Needless to say, I'm very fucking happy tonight. VERY fucking happy.



Brendan said...

Unrealistic crush! He remembers you, George is going to marry Alix, you were in one of his video clips, and he is giving you kisses on the net. I think you can just start telling people that your dating.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! You made my night. I was feeling bleargh, but you post made me smile. ^_^ Yay for Franz!

R said...

...he's married. And is by all accounts very much in love with his lovely wife. le *sigh*.

Anonymous said...

wasnt your ex at the concert that night? Shouldnt you be putting the wind up him?

Anonymous said...

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