Saturday, June 03, 2006

I'm feeling so uninspired. I've been sitting here in front of the screen for five minutes now, trying to think of a subject for this post, because it's boring when I just tell you what's happening with me, and it also means I have nothing to tell Brendan when I see him because he's read it all here.

Right, I'm going to talk about trends, fads and that kind of thing. Why do people follow them? It's something I'm actually quite curious about. What in our head makes us actually really like the look of a trend (let's say, flared jeans) only to really think it's ugly a few years later? The jeans themselves haven't changed in appearance but our perception of them has. Would we still find them cool if it weren't for advertising cramming the next big trend down our throats?

I have to admit I have found this happening a lot with myself. Take skinny jeans for example. I used to think they were absolutely horrible and swore I'd never ever wear them, let alone own a pair. Yet a couple of months ago I went out and bought a pair of black skinny jeans from Sportsgirl and I love them. I don't know how I came to like them. Maybe because I saw people I actually admire wearing them - mainly musicians. Maybe I am more influenced by advertising and popular culture than I'd care to admit.

However on other trends I've gone backwards - like my view on suntans. I used to always want to be a toasty golden brown just like in the magazines, and I suppose I'm lukcy in that I tan quite easily so I generally was pretty tanned, but recently I've done a backflip and now I actually find pale skin much more attractive.

So what's your take on trends and how you follow them? Do you find yourself following them after disliking them at first like me, or are you completely immune to advertising?


(hey, for an uninspired girl I reckon I did ok! Even if it did take me half an hour to write!)


Anonymous said...

pale ey?! hmmm...

Anonymous said...

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