Monday, June 19, 2006

La di da da

I'm listening right now to this Bob Evans song called 'Rocks In My Head'. I LOVE the chord progression in it. It's G Bm Bbm Am C. There's something about that - that semitone drop from B to Bb then A, that just makes me so happy. I've played chord progressions like that on piano, in old jazz songs and such. I think there's a little three-quaver progression in 'Try A Little Tenderness'. Every time I play it, I think to myself 'Damn, that is a GREAT chord progression'.

Haha. I'm such a nerd. I was actually pretty proud of myself because I figured out the chords from watching Bob play at the instore - I can recognise a few chords now! hooray. Still can't play bar chords though. Le sigh. I just need stronger fingers. Acoustic guitar looks comically large on me too, like the bass guitar. My sister's decided she wants to learn bass, so I've decided I'd better learn guitar. And I've also decided, hard decision it was too, that instead of travelling I'm going to buy myself an electric guitar and laptop. I'll still learn bass though. The guitar will just be to jam with my family. I think it'd be awesome to play with Kathryn. She knows nothing about guitars but she has an ear for music. Today I was singing along to a Crowded House song that she'd never heard, and she came in perfectly with the harmony. Once her voice has matured a bit she will be a force to be reckoned with.

I went to the ballet last night, it was 'Giselle'. It's tragic and I wish I hadn't worn mascara because it was hard to not cry at the end of both acts. I'm a sucker, I always cry when you're meant to, those horribly emotionally manipulative moments with the strings soaring away and all the drama swirling. Pass the Kleenex please.


PS Australia lost! I'm not surprised. They've got no hope against Croatia. Ah well.


Georgina said...

Omg. You're giving up Europe and New York? Omg. Omg. Omg. You better be a good guitar player :P

Shame I won't spend any time with you in NYC next year! :(

PS: can you take me to the ballet next time. i'd love to go

Marie said...

Heey you went to giselle?
i love that ballet, it's quite tragic stuff - lots of viola solos to depict it too.

seeeeee you soooooon!

Brendan said...

if your sister is KatherYne, you are RobYn and your brother is BYron...OMG I just cracked your family code!
Cool blog too.

Anonymous said...

Australia drew with croatia and we're into the second round!!!!!!!! The umpiring once again was shit house! Guus should've thrown me on to shit the umpire!