Thursday, July 27, 2006

He won't deceive you, or tell you the truth

It is with much trepidation that I present to you my first recording. With apologies to Neil Finn, here is my version of Not The Girl You Think You Are. I had to change the vocal line which was too low for me, and am really unhappy with how it starts, but I haven't managed to find another starting note. Also the sound quality is shite because I don't have any proper recording equipment (which also means I did it all live - no recording piano and voice separately for me!).

Not The Girl You Think You Are



Steve said...

Wow, colour me impressed. You are the real deal as far as piano and singing goes. Even though the mic sounds like it has arthritis in its neck, it's still very listenable!

Georgina said...

That's great! I kinda like the rawness of it... reminds me of watching some cabaret show. Too bad for the electronic rustling noises getting in the way. Well, save for a MacBook and you'll be able to have Garage Band recorded songs! :) You've got the talent and that's the most important part!

Brendan said...

Chilling vibrato.