Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A look of afar, A secret smile

I bought Second Thoughts today and have listened to it once so far and absolutely ADORE it. The songs on this that are the same as Mental Notes (Walking Down A Road, Titus, Stranger Than Fiction, Time For A Change) are different versions, and for the most part they're better. This version of Titus absolutely kicks the Mental Notes version's ass. The solo is now trumpet instead of guitar I think and it sounds much better. It's also a much richer sweeping sound in general, living up to its full grand potential. The remaster sounds excellent, I just had a huge grin on my face while listening to Lovey Dovey as it sounds so damn good now, even through my shitty mono computer speaker. I'll take it downstairs for a listen some time. Ohhhh and I nearly forgot, the last song, Woman Who Loves You comes complete with a Noel Crombie spoon solo! When I recognised the song I was like 'ohhhh pleeeeeaaase have the spoon solo' (I have it live ont he DVD) and when it came on I jumped out my chair and did a little cheer :D It's fucking legendary. I was going to get Second Thoughts and Dizrythmia this week as I worked quite long hours on the weekend and got good tips, but there was a Beatles T-shirt on sale for $10 so I got that instead. It's white, with the 'HELP' semaphore logo in black across it. It made me laugh. I just realised I think it's my first band t-shirt too. Not bad then! I'm wearing it tonight to trivia.

Hmm I seem to have lost my paragraphing ability. In a bit of a hurry cos Brendan's gonna pick me up soon.



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Brendan said...

How dodgy! Well are you going to go and check it out?