Sunday, July 30, 2006

would you like cracked pepper with that?

Just thought I'd write a post in between shifts. What a difference a week makes - last sunday I didn't finish at work until five pm, we were absolutely packed. This week was more your average week and it was pretty chilled out from about two onwards. I think I prefer regular sundays. So I'm sitting here with my bowl of penne verdure (penne with vegetables) before I go back to work. Not working in the kitchen at all this weekend, which is strange. We're short on floor staff so I'm out there again, mainly doing bar work. Surprisingly it all came back pretty quickly. I'm churning out those coffee orders just as fast as I used to.

And now that I'm on I can't think of anything to write about. Typical. I wish I could somehow electronically record my thoughts while I'm working. I'd come up with some pretty interesting posts then. Hmmm...Oh I'm going to buy the new Apple MacBook. I'm quite excited. There's a few questions I have to find answers to, like whether my iPod will work with a mac after being used with a PC and whether I can use our house's wireless broadband with a mac (can you tell I don't know much about computers?) but I'm pretty much decided. It's surprisingly cheap too, $1550 with the student discount. I can't wait to have a functioning laptop again. My trusty Acer Travelmate finally died this year when we networked it, it couldn't really handle all this new stuff.

I'm kind of tired too...I blame a certain someone for keeping me on msn about an hour longer than I intended.



Brendan said...

Tell me who it is and I'll beat him up.

Georgina said...

The Mac will work with any wireless connection. And you've used your iPod with my Mac before which means it will work. But in the case that it doesn't (freak case), you might be able to resolve that problem by reformatting the iPod harddrive - which means wiping out all your music/photos/files stored in it.

R said...

Thanks george :) very excited about the prospect of a new computer that works.

Anonymous said...

is this brendan person your boyfriend? he seems very protective and always commenting on your blog... just saying, cool page

R said...

No, whoever the hell you are, this Brendan person is just some weird stalker guy who won't leave me alone.

(Yes, he's my boyfriend.)

BTW, you should probably leave a name. Commenting on something like that as 'anonymous' is kind of creepy.