Wednesday, February 14, 2007



Our wireless network is down, so this one comes to you from the PC. Mum changed the Bigpond password, but the old one is still on the router, and we don't have the router password, so that needs to be reset, which is very frustrating. So tomorrow my bro's going to call the router people and reset the router because I've had enough of talking to computer people on the phone (I spent half an hour last thursday at work on the phone to them and it drives me nuts).

So anyway, this is what I did at work today:
- checked answering machine messages and confirmed bookings
- made a couple of coffees
- polished salt and pepper shakers
- fixed the bindings of the menus
- signed off on all our produce deliveries
- stocked the fridge
- stocked the linen cupboard
- cleaned the glass shelves in the bar
- cleaned out the staff belongings cabinet
- tidied the staionery drawer
- refiled the staff roster folder
- read the paper

...notice anything odd? That's right, not once today in my eight hour shift did I take an order from a customer or even serve a customer. It was all admin/cleaning stuff today, which was kind of good. I got paid to sit on my ass for a good portion of the day doing all the 'sit down' jobs, which is a nice change to busting my ass running around making shit. That's for tomorrow night, when we are fully booked. Bloody Valentine's Day, we're going to get so slammed.


PS We won trivia tonight! I *told* you guys Paddington Bear likes marmalade :)
PPS I nearly got hit by a taxi coming home - I was in his blind spot and he was changing lanes in an intersection without indicating. It was the first time I ever used my horn and I have to say, it sounds pretty inconsequential, but then again I am driving a Honda Jazz, which is not the most assertive of vehicles.

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