Friday, March 16, 2007

can't sleep

I'm meant to be sleeping right now but I just had a strong cup of tea and I'm contemplating buying another guitar so I'm a little freaking out over here right now and I can't sleep.

So yes, this whole band thing. Last sunday I was meant to go with my friend Alana to see Adam Hills in the city, but he ended up being sold out, so we went to a pub for dinner then her place to watch some DVDs. She's a songwriter/guitarist and has written some pretty awesome stuff, so we decided to have a bit of a jam as she hasn't been able to find anyone to play with. As it turns out, we jammed together pretty well, so we decided to form a band. She happens to know a lot of very very helpful people in the music industry who are keen to help her out, which is good, and we ended up writing some stuff together as well, which is also good. Although I think I may have stolen her mojo because she was telling me that she hasn't written a thing this week and I've gone from not having written a song to having written two and a bit in five days. So we were chatting on msn again tonight and she pointed me to an ebay auction. This guy bought Gretsch Electromatic Duojet with Bigsby (in a sparkly silver finish) for over $1,000 and doesn't need it any more, so he's selling it, and the buy now price is $650. This is why I can't sleep. Do I buy another guitar already??? It is a truly awesome deal. But it's also a fair bit of money (although to be fair, I did set up an ING account for things like this, and I can afford it). I just don't know whether I can justify buying my second electric so soon. Aaaaaaagh. Anyway I'm meeting her tomorrow to look at keyboards, and hopefully they'll have a gretsch that we can have a play around on. It would sound truly awesome, and the Bigsby is a big selling point. But I'm thinking maybe I should buy a single coil first, like a strat or something, cos I already have the LP. God, this is a nice dilemma to have. And I do lust after those Gretsches like nothing else.

We'll see. I'm sure my mum would be thrilled to see me with another guitar to clutter up her living room. Although it must be said, she's being awesome about the band thing. I thought she'd freak but instead she offered to do the catering if and when we toured. My mum is so cool.


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