Friday, March 09, 2007

OMG I am so so pumped

So tonight Kat and I were fooling around with guitars and basses in the music room, and she said 'oh, by the way, I wrote some lyrics today in english,' and went and grabbed them, then gave them to me and said 'you do the music' and went and heated up apple pie. So I sat down at the piano, noodled around a bunch of chords, plucked a few likely sounding ones out of the mass and suddenly we have a song. A song with words, verses, chorus and a bridge, and *music*. Considering I've been trying for more than a year to write music with very little success, it was a little annoying how easily everything came tonight. And to top it all off, when Kathryn learnt the bass notes, I did my first successful bit of piano soloing over the top of it. I'm a little astounded right now. So hopefully we'll record this sucker and put it up some time. I think it's actually a nice little song so I'm curious to see what other people think.


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Steve said...

All girl band!!!! :D