Monday, May 14, 2007

A few changes, and general stuff

Fall Out Boy is on channel v right now and I just realised that the acronym for their name is FOB (it's in big light up letters at the back of the stage). I wonder if they know what a fob is. That is hilariously unintentionally un-PC. I'm trying to work out if they're singing 'thanks for the memories' or 'thanks for the mammaries' because there's a girl with big tits in a dress in the video.

Anyway, enough blabbing on about whiny shit American bands, and blabbing on about my own not whiny but pretty rough sounding Aussie band. We've got a song up on our myspace now, called So Young, but the url will change pretty soon, because we found out that there's an LA band with the same name as us. We'll probably decide on a name tonight. Work yesterday sucked big time, I just wasn't in the mood and I really hate working sunday nights at the best of times, but it's especially bad on mothers day. Lots of cleaning at the end of the day and changing all the menus around. eurgh.

Oh and Kathryn's school band won their division at the festival at Mt Gambier, which was a pretty big shock to all involved. The judge of their division was some dude from the Cat Empire apparently. I've just come home from the gym so after lunch I'm going to put my muscles to good use and help her put the keyboard and amp back in the music room. I need food.



Anonymous said...

More snooping.

I don't know meaning of FOB you might know. I just think of the dangly bits that are the end of key rings. If there's another meaning, I want to know it.

And yeah, on that song, I've wondered if it's "mammaries" too! :D

I used to really like that band. The breaking point was buying a combination CD/DVD package that included some live stuff. They really are not very good live even though they think they are. I liked best the drummer, but only as long as he was playing drums and not talking.

Haven't really listened to them since, and it's been a few months. And that's sad because I really did like them quite a lot.

R said...

lol FOB = fresh off a boat. Kind of a derogatory term for immigrants.