Tuesday, May 29, 2007

One year of rockin out

so, today I have been playing guitar for one year. I celebrated by vacuuming the rehearsal room (like my mum always said, a clean rehearsal room is a happy rehearsal room) and setting it up properly, which meant getting out all the random non-music related junk and organising all the random music related junk, setting up the digital drum kit (it's really my brother's but he's incredibly lazy and I figure this is the only way I can get him to play, plus if we can't find a drummer for our demos I'm going to have to do all the drumming and bass too), putting amplifiers in nice places and making sure we have enough power outlets (we don't, I need another power board - I thought eight would be enough, but we have three amps, digital drums, the keyboard, my computer, the mixer, speakers, a lamp and a stereo). We still have four guitar cases taking up a ridiculous amount of floorspace, but considering it's a small area (it's half the front lounge) there's not a lot of storage options. Now all we need is a rug and a column heater (that room gets freakin cold in the winter) and we're talking. I'm meant to be going to the gym, but I'll also squeeze in a bit of guitar, and I'm seeing Liam Finn tonight - woot!


PS Goddamn. I just bought two t-shirts from threadless.com for $50 australian last week, and now they have a bloody sale on. I could've saved myself $15. *sigh* i might just have to buy a couple more then...heh.

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