Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I am an uber fan

I got my second edition of the Franz Ferdinand Fan Club (FF:FC, it's much more compact) magazine in the mail today. I was flicking through it and came to the page where there were lots of photos of Fans and Franz and saw my photo of me with Paul and his fake baby at the Do You Want To shoot in NYC in 2005, which was quite exciting. I'd sent in the photo about eight months ago, so hadn't expected it to make an appearance.

Oh and in the car after the gym today mum and I had Vega on and they played the new Crowded House single, Don't Stop Now.
Despite the fact that it only started to get airplay last firay, I have heard it that many times (thanks to my bootleg of the webcast) that as soon as the first note played I did the little squeal of excitement and know most of the words...and tonight in Soul Mama they played Close To Me by The Cure...I have heard that song lots in the past few days. It's a very good song.

And I have Ballroom Blitz stuck in my head.


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