Friday, June 08, 2007

I'm happy

Woot! I had such a good night last night. We went out for dinner to Shanghai dumplings, and I finally got to meet Rhona, who I think is now fairly convinced that I am in fact a real person, and we went to karaoke at some seedy looking place that actually turned out to be quite cool (depsite the lack of soft furnishings as Brendan pointed out - I guess it makes it easier to clean). Steve and I sang Better Be Home Soon with some nice little harmonies courtesy of moi :) and I got pulled up at various points to sing other songs (I think Eternal Flame featured somewhere in there, and A whole New World, although I got out of that one), and had a great time dancing...I decided I didn't give a shit how stupid I looked, and then they played Close To Me by The Cure (fast becomign my favourite song of theirs) so I cut loose on the dance floor and had a blast. Then I did I Want You To Want Me by Cheap Trick with Rhona...a good night was had by all. Sure, I woke up with morning with a cold and no voice, but I think my new, fitter and stronger body is fighting it off okay so hopefilly by work tonight I'll look pretty normal.



Brendan said...

Um, I'm glad that my contribution to the night was pointing out a lack of soft furnishings - my machismo is just inexcapable.

R said...

Hey, your noticing of things like soft furnishings is just one of the many things I like about you.

*end gush*