Thursday, June 21, 2007

Yes, she's a happy girl.


OK, so at the beginning of this year, I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I would never get to see Crowded House live, that I had definitely missed that band, and anyway I was only 10 when they split up. Then they reformed, and I kind of refused to believe it for a week, thinking that maybe it was just a sick job. But of course it wasn't, and they came back, and they've got a new album, and of course are touring. The first date announced was for Live Earth, and I of course got tickets to that, so suddenly I'm seeing a band I never dreamed I would, and that makes me happy.

Then, last night, I was procrastinating instead of logging off and going to bed, and just before I did, I got an email. 9th July. Crowded House. Playing the Corner. My favourite band, in my favourite venue, and when tickets went on sale I would be in the car, taking my grandmother to the airport. So I put the box office number on my phone and slept badly, and at 9am today (talk about short notice!) I started hitting dial and redial... and got through at 9:10, to buy two of the last tickets (despite the short notice, they were all gone by 9:11). All I can say is, thank God I'm a procrastinator, or I would've missed both the email and the ticket sale.

So I've gone from thinking I would never see them, to seeing them twice in three days. I'm still pinching myself.

In other news, I got a fancy new mobile phone, a Sony Ericsson K800i, this week. It takes funky panoramic shots so here is one:


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