Saturday, September 09, 2006


Georgina is sitting right next to me. My parents brought her home as a surprise present. Even though my birthday's not til next month. But anyway I got all excited, more than I probably should, but it's George and we always get a little too excited around each other. She's reading over my shoulder - well not really over my shoulder, it's only a figure of speech in this case - and giggling. Which is pretty much business as usual. Apparently she has to go home at 8:15 tomorrow morning to AGH the Grates just came on Rage! AWESOME! What was I saying? Oh yeah, George has to go home early tomorrow morning, which probably means neither of us will get much sleep tonight. Hmm. I'm hungry. I might go find food. I'm sure George is up for midnight snacking. I have to find her pyjamas too. And a mattress.


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