Sunday, September 17, 2006

My computer never sounded so good!

My mum's birthday party is next week and I've been appointed DJ - it was part of the reason why I got this MacBook now and not next year. So tonight was the moment of truth when we hooked it up to the sound system to see whether it would work, and to our surprise (well mine at least) it works perfectly. Maybe I'm jsut pessimistic when it comes to technology, but I was surprised by how easily it worked. Ok, I was surprised that it worked at all. but it does, which is the main point. And then I was searching through my parent's CD collection to find songs to party to and stumbled across a 'Classic Aussie Rock' CD...The Easybeats, Master's Apprentices, Skyhooks, Cold Chisel, Split Enz, AC/DC, Icehouse, Mental As Anything...etc etc etc. Possibly the coolest CD in my parent's collection (sorry did I say my parent's? I meant mine, of course). And speaking of my parent's record collection, my cousinin Sydney does still have all my mum's old vinyl so he's going to give it to my dad next time he's up there (which will probably be next week). Apparently she has 60-100 vinyls...including Sgt Peppers.


I'm so having a listening party when I get them.



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