Wednesday, September 13, 2006

OMG. So, I like totally geeked out this morning.

Apple have redesigned the iPod Nano and shuffle. They're very sexy. Nano's now in coloured anodized aluminium, very much like the old Minis, except Nano-sized. And they're now 8GB. And thinner than the old Nanos. With a 24-hour battery life. I think I want one. The Shuffle looks's now this tiny little silver clip, 2GB. And a new version of iTunes, which finds album artwork for your songs...after I spent a good 4 hours over the past couple of weeks looking for it all manually...and a nice new dark blue colours scheme, very sophisticated. You can apparently buy movies from the American store, but the Australian store won't even let you buy TV shows yet. I'm still waiting for them to catch up. Oh and there's dinky little games for the 5G iPods too.


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