Saturday, September 02, 2006

The kitchen where I work is pretty small (we do only sit about 50 people tops) with an extremely large and efficient extractor fan running down one side, and a window at the end which opens out onto the unheated back area, with the back door usually left open. In the winter it's damn near freezing in there (which I know is highly abnormal for a kitchen) and we're usually begging the bar for hot drinks to keep us from completely freezing. So it's definitely a sign that the weather is warming up when I only wear one t-shirt to wash the dishes. We've also got a new cleaning roster (oh joy) which extends our cleanup to about an hour and half from 'closing' to clocking off.

Steve and I were discussing computers last week when I had just got my MacBook and he said that if I ever have problems with it, they will be quite big ones. Well on Wednesday my mac started with the dreaded Random Shut Downs (or RSDs). Apparently, looking at the mac forum, a few MacBook users have been having this issue. On wednesday I was importing a CD and had three RSDs, which scared the bejeezus out of me, and then twice on Thursday. So rather than let it get our of hand, I took it back to Myer today for them to have a look at it and hopefully fix it without having to replace it.. It turns out that having mismatched RAM chips is not a good idea - when I got my RAM upgraded, instead of replacing both 256s with two 512s, I got one 256 replaced with 1GB and kept the other 256 in there. So what I think they said was happening (well they being the Apple technician) was that when I was using more demanding programs like Garageband, it was trying to use both chips and then kind of dying. So I now have two matching 512 chips (okay, I'm calling them chips...I don't know if they're called chips. But let's pretend that they are.) and so far there have been no RSDs, so hopefully that's the end of it. Because other than that I completely adore this machine.


PS actually it was pretty funny. The Apple tech guy asked me if I'd had it customised and I told him about the RAM upgrade, and later on when he brought it back he was telling me what had been done and the guy that actually sold it to me and done the original upgrade was there too, and the Apple tech guy told him what he'd done and said 'whoever did it originally put in mismatched RAM...that was dumb.' And the guy who sold it to me was like 'er...that was me.' LOL. Apple Tech guy got a bit embarrassed.


Steve said...

RAM is most often referred to as being "sticks". "2 sticks of 512" etc.

Though "chips" is sometimes used too, so you're alright there!

Why am I commenting on your blog at 3:23am? Big night. A very novel party on a carpark roof. Then going to st kilda and coming within 20cm of a smash at 70kmh with a stupid taxi that doesn't look before he crosses 3 lanes into mine. Then bringing brendan home to brighton, rob home to vermont, and jenko home to glen waverley! After already driving 100km for work today, I am all driven out! It's a shame you couldn't come, it was quite a good night :) Oh well, next time ey!

R said...

*sigh* Sounds like you had fun. Meanwhile I came to grips (literally) with our kitchen's scrubbing broom. See you Tuesday :)