Thursday, August 31, 2006

Let me off uptown

Porridge is a strange food for me. I either really like it or I really don't. Right now I really like it. I had it for breakfast this morning. I think I like it when it's really soupy, rather than all thick and sticking to the roof of your mouth-like. I just ate the rest because for some reason I was starving when I got home, even though I ate lunch. Maybe it was because I went to the gym before uni and I walked home. It's too nice a day to be inside. I was sorely tempted to cut class and go to Fed Square and bask in the glorious sunshine, but my class finished a little early anyway so after going to the City Library to borrow some books and jazz CDs I did just that. Apparently the Deni Ute Muster (sorry, Deniliquin...I had a school friend from Deni, I'm used to calling it that) is coming up, and they had about the blokiest aussie bloke band I ever saw playing on the stage. Blue chesty bonds and flannies and everything. They were good though. There were two seriously awesome looking utes there too. One was this metallic burnt orange colour at the front, kind of flaming down the sides, and cream at the back, with a cream leather interior and the same paintwork inside. Can't remember what colour the other one was, but it had spinning rims (as in, the wheels were spinning even though the car was staionary). I only saw these for the first time last night on NCIS, so it was kinda cool to see them in real life today. I only know they're called spinning rims because a primary school boy who was walking past went 'whoa, check those spinning rims!'.

Ooh. Tomorrow's going to be 23 degrees. lovely.


(pointless enough for you, Brendan?)

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