Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Parrot Fashion Love

Yes, today is Georgie's birthday. She and I were chatting on MSN last night at midnight so I took advantage of my built in iSight to send her a greeting :D

Mum came back from Malaysia/Singapore yesterday, as usual with an enormous amount of clothing and shoes from JB. We're all very glad to have her back...not least because I can now hand back ironing duties...She says Singapore is encouraging people to move there to live and work. That would be pretty cool. If I can't find anything exciting to do in Australia once (well ok if) I finish my studies I might move to Singapore.

I found this website called CD tracker through last.fm, which is very handy because it catalogues all your CDs (artist, album title, genre, date bought, how much you paid for it, etc etc etc...oh and what you've loaned to other people), and I'm slowly cataloguing all my CD details. Apparently this year I have spent something like $600 on CDs. I didn't even know I had $600 to spend! Very very very bad, Robyn. I can't help it...other girls buy hundreds of pairs of shoes, I buy CDs. I could get them online, but I prefer to spend the extra few dollars to have the artwork and everything.

And I'm contemplating whether to dye my entire blonde streak a pale pink...decisions decisions.


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