Sunday, August 13, 2006

There may be trouble ahead

I had posted a very cathartic response to a message earlier, but then after 5 minutes of it being up, I decided that was catharsis enough so I took it down. Well, in reality I'm a complete wuss and I was afraid of what might happen if the person that it was intended for read it. However, it felt rather good to type it all out. I'm not generally a mean person but that was one rather harsh post.

Aaaaaanyway I went to see The Boy From Oz tonight with my family and IT. WAS. AMAZING. Hugh Jackman is so talented. He acts well, he has an amazing voice, he dances, and he is also such a good entertainer- somehow he connected with an arena of 9,000 people and made them feel like old friends. I had a very very good time. Georgina's going on the 18th I think so this will make her excited. Oh and George, he's even more good looking in real life.


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Brendan said...

Does 'cathartic' mean 'bitchy' in this instance? You'll have to tell me what it was about...offline for saftey.