Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hey, Rollover DJ!

George, Ben and I went to the myspace secret show for Jet on monday night. I kind of forgot to blog about it. I almost couldn't be bothered going but George decided that we were and so we did. I was expecting there to be about a billion people at the Prince of Wales so I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived at 5pm and there were only a few people there. It was much more pleasant than most waiting experiences I've had, because we were sitting on a bench with our gin and cranberries and just absorbing the vibe. Luckily it was an over 18s gig so there were no snotty emo kids hanging about. There was someone wandering around with a camera videoing people and they asked to film George and me answering some questions. I don't think they got anything good out of us though. I'm kind of camera/stranger shy so I barely said anything and spent most of it staring into my drink so Georgina basically had to bullshit her way through the entire thing. It was a good gig too, Jet played two little sets, the first one was all new stuff and the second one was all old stuff. I wouldn't pay to see them live so it was good to see them for free. I quite enjoyed some of the new songs, although George didn't.

Anyway the reason I'm writing about the show now is that I went to the secret shows page today and they had photos up from it. And this photo was up there:
secret show jet
I knew they took a photo of us as we went in, but I never thought it would make it onto the page. Probably because I'm dressed in all black and so I look like a fucking emo. The archetypal myspacer.

So anyway, Byron got an electronic drumkit today. He can already play lots of little bits and pieces which is handy. I had a play and it was fun, but I prefer playing bass or guitar or piano - something with tone. I supppose it's kind of a waste that Byron's playing untuned percussion because he actually has perfect pitch and apparently it's pretty rare. I've always taken his perfect pitch for granted. I love playing a bunch of non-chordal notes on the piano and having him name all of them. I never realised that so few people have it. We were discussing pitch in the car today. Neither Byron nor I can comprehend how people can be tone deaf. I mean we can understand *that* it happens, but not *how* it can happen. I don't have perfect pitch, but I've got a good memory for it, and I always remember songs in their original key and transpose and stuff easily. For me, pitch is really clear, and I can tell if something is off. I guess it's like looking at colours. For me if something is off, it's like the difference between green and red. So I don't get how people can sing out of tune and not realise, because it's like trying to match green with red. Like they obviously aren't the same.

Might go to bed now. I had my frist shift dish handing in ages tonight and I'm knackered. I forgot how much more strenuous it is than bar work. But I'm doing bar work tomorrow. Hopefully by next week my roster will be back to normal and I'll either be one or the other.



Joanne said...

I discovered a few years into our marriage that Joel's tone deaf. It occured to me after trying to teach him some Hokkien. Try as he might, he just can't hear different tones. I'd try and explain the difference between something like 'leng', which, when said with a tone that goes up, means 'cold'. He kept saying it with a flat tone, and so kept saying 'breast'...!! Then when I say, noooo, it has to go UP, he then delivers it flat but in a lovely, high pitched falsetto...! I sometimes hum a simple tune of 3 notes, and try and get him to repeat it. It's quite funny when he can't do it. Try it next time you see him!

R said...


OMG I'm going to ave so much fun next time I see you guys.