Monday, August 21, 2006

Blogging from the bedroom, take 2

So here we go with my second attempt at blogging from my bedroom. This attempt seems to be much more sucessful so far, not least because I'm using a laptop that can actually handle being wireleslly networked, not least my *drumroll* new MacBook :D It's quite exciting. I've spent most of the evening so far setting it up, which has been surprisingly easy, the basic stuff at least. I found to my annoyance that msn messenger:mac doesn't support webcams, despite the fact that I now have one, so George directed me to aMSN, which is a clone which does. So I'm waiting for someone to come on so I can test whether it works. Also I'm trying to transfer my music from my iPod to my computer...I could just re-import all my CDs, but that would assume that I own all of what I have on CD, when in fact a fair chunk of what I have is from George's computer. So if this transfer thing works I might just restore my iPod so that it works properly with the Mac. 536 of 2197 copied so far...this could take a while.


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