Sunday, August 06, 2006

What table am I going to?

I don't really know why I'm updating as pretty much everyone who reads this blog is currently at Ben's houseboat (damn them. Damn them all) and most probably drinking and playing Brendan's Truth or Dare. Well, drinking. Whereas I on the other hand absolutely busted my ass at work today, and consequently I'm finding it very hard to sit down now. Okay I jest. I speak figuratively, not literally. But work was very busy. Firstly lunch was apparently very busy so when I got there at 4pm nothing was done and insead of doing my usual saturday afternoon thing of setting the tables and sitting and reading (and getting paid for it) for an hour and a half, I actually worked the two hours. Setting tables takes a surprisingly long time. There's something like seven items per setting...and I set up for that's 322 items. Plus salt and pepper, candles and flowers. And relaying paper where it's dirty, and sweeping, cleaning the bar, stocking for the evening, taking reservations, etc etc etc. We were fully booked tonight and actually had a few turnovers so we were busy the whole way through. I got $50 in tips, which is a good indicator of how many tables we had (usually on a good night I'd get $30). I really don't like the Saturday shift. It's just so long. Theoretically because I start at 4pm, I should leave early, like 10pm, but I always work til closing. So there's my bit of complaining for the day. It wasn't all bad I suppose, we played Kylie on the stereo while closing so that was quite fun.

Oooh and the census form has arrived. It just spotted it on our rather cluttered desk. How exciting.


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