Thursday, August 24, 2006

Head in the clouds

What a difference a day makes,
24 little hours....

Yesterday when I walked to and from the station and through the city, the weather was *lovely*. Slight breeze, warm sun, very mild for this time of year. I spent the whole day with my nose pointing in the air, staring at everything around me. I've often been asked in the city how long I'm spending in Melbourne, as if I'm some kind of tourist. People need to look around more, you can see some really nice things. There's a patch of really nice lilies growing beside the Sandringham train line just after Gardenvale, heading to Flinders Street.

Today the weather was pretty shit by comparison, raining and windy and 10 degrees. I managed to get a lift to the station but I walked home. Didn't bother me though, I was listening to Lily Allen and so my spirits were high.

And I realised today that I bought the wrong Split Enz album...I was listening to Time and Tide and thinking 'wasn't History Never Repeats on the album after True come it's not on here?' Then I realised that I'd accidentally skipped Corroborree. Nerrr, Robyn you retard. They had plenty of copies of Corroborree too so I don't know how I managed to consciously pick Time and Tide. It's the same thing that made me consciously ask Yamipod to skip the duplicate songs on my iPod, and resulted in me spending another hour handpicking them after.


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