Sunday, August 27, 2006

Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

Today at work we had a table of 16. And surprisingly, no one fucked up. It went as smoothly as it possibly could, everyone got the right food, no delays, no dramas. We wrote up a big sheet with everyone's seat and what they ordered and all that jazz, so it was all cruisy. I even managed to tally their bill without mistakes (although it did take me nearly ten minutes. Very big bill.) I'm getting used to my hybrid status at work - For the time being I'm both a dish hand and waitress.

Tomorrow I have to leave home at 5 am to pick my mum up from the airport, so I miss the sleep in on my day off. But it's worth it. Tomorrow's weather is apprently going to be gorgeous as well, so I might do something outside. Maybe I can con mum into taking me to St Kilda for coffee or something.

I have to go to Ikea at some point this CD collection has outgrown the one shelf on my bookshelf that I've allocated to it, so I need to buy a proper CD shelf. I was going to custom make one that could also house my stereo, then I realised that I don't know the first thing about woodworking. But Ikea has a decent looking one for $ this rate Ikea is going to take over my room. Annoyingly, the one in Moorabbin closed last year, so I have to get mum to drive me down to Richmond. I think it's slightly too large to lug home on the train.



Brendan said...

Two things;
You may not have the foggiest idea about making shelves, but I can make things, I have psudo-quallifications. So if your prepaired to wait untill November, then I'm your man.

Also, I would be personally offended if you went to Ikea and did not even offer to take me! I loves them so good. We could go and make it 'the lamest date ever'... That is unless your mum was going to pay for said shelves, then feel free to take her - I would not buy you the shelves... but I have dibbs on assembeling them!

R said...


OMG I'm so for that. If you drive, I will come. I was planning on paying for the shelves myself...I do have a job these days after all, and my mum would not do *anything* to encourage me to buy more CDs, let alone buy me more storage XD

Oh thank god you want to assemble them. I mean I'm sure I could do it - I managed to put a digital drumkit together the other day after all - but you'd probably be so much faster.