Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Even educated fleas do it

Today I discovered the joys of the City Library. It's been sitting under my nose right in Flinders Lane, but I'd never heard of it until a couple of weeks back. So today I had a bit of free time and remembered that I meant to go check it out. It turns out that membership is free, and as well as books, you can borrow CDs and DVDs from them. I like that. You can't borrow CDs from Rowden White at uni (probably because they want to prevent copying). I borrowed three albums - Travelling Made Easy by the Icecream Hands (which has long been on my list of 'oh, I should listen to them some time' albums), Beth Orton (ditto), and Ella Fitzgerald (well, obviously). And yes, I'm importing them as I type...aren't I just the naughty one. I can't afford to keep buying CDs! They have the DVD of 7 Worlds Collide too, which is a concert that Neil Finn did with members of bands like Pearl Jam, Radiohead and The Smiths. I have the CD and it's awesome.

Oh yeah. I nearly got hit by a taxi crossing Flinders Lane. I used the pedestrian crossing, and made eye contact, and stepped out, and he didn't stop. Until his bumper was about 10 centimetres away from my right leg (I'm serious, it was really freakin close). So that was my litle brush with deat for the day. I didn't think anything of it at the time, other than muttering 'idiot!' under my breath as I kept walking, but now I'm a little freaked out. I nearly got hit by a freakin car! Shit. Anyway, I was walking up degraves lane and it was one of those times I wish I had a camera on me (hmm, I know I've heard that phrase in a song.) The dark stone pavement was all wet because it had been raining, but there was a shaft of sunlight poking down through the buildings and making everything look shiny, and catching in the steam billowing out of the little noodle shops, with people bustling about because it was lunch hour. It was really beautiful. (I know where I heard it. It's a Crowded House song. er....I feel possessed, I think).

And I really like this Icecream Hands album.


PS I bought the remixed/remastered/expanded 'Frenzy' yesterday (I'm keeping on track with these Split Enz albums). It blew my mind. It sounds SO much better than the original. Give It A Whirl used to be a mess. Now I can actually hear the different instruments. It's awesome.


Brendan said...

Split Endz Trajic. You really are.

R said...

...I won't deny that allegation. XD BUT. I did actually write about a lot of other music it's not like I've completely closed myself off!

Oh and you misspelt one third of your comment :P ('Enz' and 'tragic')