Monday, November 13, 2006

God, I still have no life, even though I've finished exams. I want to save up some money in my bank acount just in case I end up going travelling next year and also to buy my guitar, so as soon as I finished exams last week I went straight into what pretty much amounts to full time at my part time waitressing job for the summer. To give an idea of my roster - tuesday night, wednesday lunch, friday double, saturday double, sunday double (double being lunch and dinner - 10-3, 7-10 type stuff). 30+ hours. I only worked 24 this week because I only did friday night and the weekend doubles but my feet are still throbbing. I have to get used to it. Kind of jealous after reading Georgina's blog and the fun times she had at Ben's birthday, but o well...I'll be putting around $400 in my bank account each week so that's something. Also I've been offered my house sitting job from last year again. They have a swimming pool and a big plasma screen telly and they live even closer to my work than I do (which is really close, considering I live five minute's drive away - they're like five minutes walk away). So I'll probably look after their place for six weeks which is great.

Anyway I should probably go to's 3:50am and I'm still up. Just can't bring myself to stand up and walk upstairs to bed. I worked 10 hours today and my feet, knees and back are feeling it. Tomorrow's my day off...hurrah :)


PS what is it with customers at work treating me like I'm an idiot? A lot of tables, when I serve their meals, before I can even open my mouth to ask if they would like parmesan cheese or pepper, butt in and say 'and we'd like some pepper' in that horrible condescending tone that I've come to associate with stuffy upper middle class boors with high opinions of themselves. I had someone order a takeaway coffee and they asked me to top it up with steaming jug was empty so I went to fill it up and they got all panicky and went 'oh I actually want HOT milk!' and I'm like ' you think I've never made a coffee before?' honestly. I'm a little embarrassed to say that even though I really shouldn't've, I couldn't help gaping at the lady like she was a born fool as I steamed her milk, because I just couldn't believe anyone would be that stupid.

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