Monday, November 27, 2006


*does the happy dance* I got a guitar! Yay, so excited! I went and bought it today. A beautiful shiny lovely wonderful ebony Epiphone Les Paul Standard. I got it for a good price too...the guy in the shop accidentally put through the price for the Epi Les Paul Classic, which was $220 less than the Standard...he very kindly let me keep the discount though as it was his mistake. So even with the amp (a Roland Cube-15, I like the lead channel on it!) and the hard case, I managed to stay under my $1000 budget. I'm very happy. I've been playing it all evening and it's such a lovely instrument. And I can finally play Don't Dream It's Over...yay :D

I also got a strap for the guitar...when I saw Tim Finn in October I liked his swirly black red and white strap, so I emailed him not long ago asking where he got it...not expecting a reply but he told me where his roadie got it and I emailed them and it was waiting for me when I got home with the guitar today, so it was perfect timing. I've been playing bits all night...Electric is way different to acoustic. Going to have to start all over again! Now I know why power chords are so useful. Anyway here are some photos...the computer is being a bit shite and not letting me turn them. Bleh.



Anonymous said...

A really great guitar and really awesome looking too. I bet it sounds just as good as it looks. Here's to jamming sometime! Electric style

Anonymous said...

Yay! Congratulations! It looks fantastic.

Sigmund said...




Sigmund said...

i want one :(