Thursday, November 23, 2006

Time For A Change

I've realised it's actually easier for me to record a video with my webcam and upload it to YouTube than it is for me to record something with GarageBand and stream voila. This is one of my favourite Split Enz songs (of COURSE it's an Enz song, I can hear you all saying with much rolling of eyes...). It also happens to be rather easy to play so I didn't have to practise it too hard (at all) to play it...sooner or later I'll get round to those more complex pieces, but for now, here ya go.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I was searching for Split Enz sheet music and stumbled across you playing Time For a Change. Could you tell me where you got the sheet music from please??



R said...

Hey Chris,

I got the music from Allans Music on Bourke St in Melbourne. The book is called 'Split Enz by request' and has 12 songs in it. I think they also sell it online too, and you can probably get it on ebay. Hope this helps!